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Welcome to AquascapersMob! 

The Idea Behind Aquascapers Mob

The hobby of Nature Aquariums & Fish Keeping has been growing in the city of Bhubaneswar.

There are numerous Aquarium & Fish Keeping Stores in Bhubaneswar.

 In the past, I as a hobbyist faced problems in finding quality aquarium goods that stand for quality, performance and longer service life.

That’s were Aquascapers Mob steps in to bridge the gap.

We at Aquascapers Mob thrive to provide the hobbyists both beginners and advanced with renowned aquarium products from across the globe that have been time tested for their efficacy, performance and quality.

We stock quality premium aquarium products that make the hobby a pleasurable and rewarding experience.


Aquascapers Mob.png

I’m Alok, the guy behind Aquascapers Mob. An animal lover, photography enthusiast, an ex- banker turned aquascaper. Ever since I bought my first fish tank I was hooked to this fascinating hobby. Over the years the hobby grew and turned into a passion. And, I would like to share my passion and experience with you all.

 Usually, you will find me trying out new aquascapes or researching the latest aquarium /fish keeping products and innovations, but when I’m not, I’m either gaming, listening to music or venture into the wild armed with my camera to capture a glimpse of Mother Nature.

We invite you to visit us...

All your exotic pet needs in one place:
  • Vast assortment of Aquariums and Aquarium supplies

  • Large collection of Aquatic Plants.

  • Huge Range of Products to Offer.

  • Free educational seminars for our customers.

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